What is your Martin Luther King?

What’s your Martin Luther King?: Recipe for Greatness

What’s your Martin Luther King? What’s your life Purpose Dream?
Millions of people around the world know who Martin Luther King was and what he stood for. He was one of the greatest humans to ever live. He was one of the handful of people whose impact on the world reached millions. The purpose of this blog isn’t to discuss what Martin Luther King did to earn this reverence. The intention of this blog is to get you, the reader to start a conversation about what it would take for you to live your life with the greatness of Martin Luther King.

What is your Martin Luther King? What is your Life Purpose Dream? What’s important to you? What cause would you give up your career for? What would you be willing to get arrested for time and time again? What change in the world do you believe in so much that you would subject you and your family to death threats everyday? What are you so passionate about that you would write it on cheap toilet paper, after you had been harassed, beaten, and jailed for doing nothing? What social injustice would you support any where, any time and any place?

What’s your Martin Luther King? What’s your Life Purpose Dream? What shall you be remembered for? What will you do for humanity that people erect statues in your name? How are you going to get a national holiday in your honor? What will make you the inspiration and role model of millions everywhere? Why should people name streets after you? Why would anyone put your picture on hand held church fans in every black neighborhood in America? What about your life would make thousands of elementary, middle and high schooler’s write book reports, research papers and take field trips to learn about you?

The most amazing thing about the tremendous amount of reverence, fame and blessing that Martin Luther Kings acquired is that it wasn’t his goal or desire. He didn’t set out to be a civil rights activist. He never dreamed of being rich and famous. He didn’t have a plan for getting his picture on church fans. He was only concerned with making a difference for others. That’s all, nothing else. Almost every action he took was in support of other. He was a great man because he lived a very servant life; he served God, his family and others. That was his recipe for greatness.

Who are you serving? Yourself? God? Your family? Nobody? When you do what you do, who are you doing it for? Do you feel like the world owes you something? Do you feel like people are doing things to you all the time? How often do you give till it hurts? Do you easily get upset and frustrated with others? Do you even know what you really care about on a social level?

If you got shot next week, what would be your legacy? “He always had a good job, dressed nice and drove fancy cars.” Or maybe something like “He was always cranky or fucked up” or even better “He just disappeared, we don’t know what ever happened to him.” None of those will do for me.

I don’t know if I shall ever be as great as the late and great Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and I know I like his recipe for success. I like his Life Purpose Dream, making a difference for other. I want to give that a try.

What is your Martin Luther King? What is your Life Purpose Dream? What is your recipe for success?

Tell it to the world and let the world support you.