Fake Hair Everywhere, Weave Please Leave!

color-lace-front-weavesIf I never see another piece of fake hair for the rest of my life, it would be too soon.  You know that knot at the end of the rope?,  I’m past that point. I’m writing this blog because ” I’m mad as hell and I can’t take it anymore!”  Maybe I’m not mad, I’m extremely bothered by the epidemic of fake hair  among black woman.

I’m aware that it’s not just black woman who wear weave, but black woman are the main purchaser of fake hair products. It has become a billion dollar industry. How did we get here? Humans have ben wearing fake hair since the days of the Egyptians. They wore fake hair for several reasons, the main one was cosmetic adornment. Back then and for a long time mens wigs were far more elaborate than the women’s. The Egyptians also wore wigs to avoid getting lice and any other hair hosted parasites. Wigs back then weren’t as popular as they are today.

Today weave is everywhere  you look in the black community, from the hood to the corporate board room.  According to the WHO(world Health Organization) when a condition effects more than 40% of a population it becomes an epidemic. I believe its safe to say that fake hair has become an epidemic among black woman. I see more black woman with fake hair than I see without. I can’t speak for every city in America, but I know a few chocolate cities like Atlanta that are weaved up.  There are only two beauty enhancements for woman that exceed fake hair in popularity. They are fake nails and bad hair weave.

Quite often I see young black woman walking around town looking like a hot mess, hair like a bird nest, thinking they are beautiful. I have a theory that these are woman that don’t own mirror or have god friends. “Friends don’t let friends wear bad weave.” If these woman had a mirror mirror on the wall it would definitely tell they to take the fake hair out.

So my question is,  Why is it that so many black woman believe that weave makes them look and feel better? Please give me some feedback. Also comeback tomorrow and read about my personal experience with weave and chemically altered hair