$6400.00 will get you a tricked out toilet.

$6400.00 will get you a tricked out toilet.

I was amazed to actually see this “sign of the times” toilet. For $6400.00 you can get on of the most technologically advanced toilets on the planet. This toilet comes with a touch screen remote, that’s about the size of an Ipad. The remote allows the user to control things like flushing modes, cleaning, drying, heating and music. The lid opens and closes with the push of a button.

Some of you might be thinking how great the idea of a high tech toilet is. While some of you might be thinking what a waste. I’m connected to the latter conversation, “What a waste”. I can easily think of plenty of things to do with $6400.00 other than buy a tricked out toilet. I have brought several cars for much less than that.

The real problem I have with this high tech toilet is that it even exists considering the state of the world. I find it hard to believe that there is a market for such a thing. The fact that this toilet exists is evidence that a group of people agreed on the idea of a high tech toilet. To me this is a total waste from the conception and production all the way to the consumer consumption. Why on earth would someone spend $6400.00 in something that they are going to piss and shit in?

Here is the $64,000 dollar question? Since when did progression in humanity become synonymous with comfort and speed? It appears to me that we believe that for something to be better that it has to be faster, more comfortable or more technologically advanced. We are living in a microwave society. We want every facet of life to be impacted as the microwave impacted eating. In my opinion the microwave hurt humanity more than it helped. That how I feel about this high tech toilet.

What do you think? Have we lost our way? Are we headed into some dark days for humanity? Can we reverse our consumer/ consumption based mind set in time to save the world?

Would you spend $6400.00 on a toilet? Why or why not, that is my question?