Can an act of love can thaw a frozen heart?

For the past few days I have been feeling a sad, mostly due to a series of heart breaks. I tend to live with my heart on my sleeve, which makes it real easy for people to stick a knife in it This also means that I get my heart broken easily and I fall in love easily.

One of the things I like to do to escape that awful feeling of “Love Gone Wrong”, (a.k.a broken heart) is to watch a good movie, depending on how bad I feel a bad movie will do just as well.

My choice for this broken heart escape was “Frozen”, The smash kiddie from last year. I had heard a lot about it from countless sources. I even recently heard a minister at a church quote a lyric from the song “Let It Go”. Encouraging the parishioners to let go of the hurt, pain, anger, fear, or any negative energy form 2014. I figured that the movie had some lesson about “letting go” in it and I was definitely feeling some things I really wanted to let go.

The movie was really good. Those creators of at Disney are some damn geniuses. They can make a kids movie that touch, moves and inspires adults more than it does children. That’s because kids haven’t been through enough to get the full experience needed to truly understand the message in the movie.

To really get the power of letting something go. Two things have to happen, First you have to have had some negative life experience that you believe is so traumatic that you can never let it go. Secondly you have to let go of that negative life experience that you believe is so traumatic that you can never let it go.

Then you will know how good and free it feels to “Let It Go.” In the movie Elsa zapped Anna, her younger sister, while they were playing. Then Elsa was so upset at her self because of the accident, that she locked her self away from Anna. She couldn’t let it go. Years later Elsa was super bitter from all the years of isolation and guilt, that she ran away form her kingdom, the day of her coronation has queen.

Then when Anna, came to get her, Elsa hurt Anna again in a fit of anger, induced by all of the negative feelings that she has been carry around for over ten years. Go figure.


The only that can save Anna’s life is a true act of love. “Only a true act of love can thaw a frozen heart” is what the Troll Shaman told her. Anna believed that the true act of love had to be rendered to her. She was hoping for a prince to kiss her and save her. It turned out that the true act of love that saved her life was committed by her, not to her.

Watching this movie got me to thinking. I realized something that just might have changed my life. The reason that the world has been over run with greed, is because so many human beings believe that the highest acts of love should be done to them vs by them. When the truth is just the opposite. The highest acts of true love are always acts of service to others, not serving yourself.

What all this means to me is this: Love is in the giving, more than the receiving. Human beings experience love in direct proportion to the amount of love they give. The people who experience the least amount of love in the world are the people that give the least amount of love in the world. The people who bravely give a tremendous amount of love in the world, experience a tremendous amount of love in the world.

This is why an act of love can thaw a frozen heart, specifically when that act of love is committed by the person with the frozen heart. A frozen heart can’t feel, therefore it can’t love. Which means this: If your heart is frozen to any degree, for any reason. Half frozen hearts, quarter frozen hearts, crushed ice hearts or ice cubed hearts, what ever. You have to let that shit go, go out and love somebody, so you can feel better. Every second you hold on to your pain, slowly killing yourself, is a wasted moment of being in love. The love never went anywhere you just stopped feeling it, cause you got hurt a time or two. Let it go, go out and love someone, it always feels better to love somebody.


If you died today, who would come to your funeral and what would they say about you?

If you were to die today, what would be said at your funeral?

I recently attended a memorial service for a very loving gentleman. There were hundreds in attendance, it was standing room only. He was loved, adored and respected by all.

For three hours I heard person after person go to the mic and tell story after story about how the deceased had impacted their life. He had been a member of over 100 organizations, all committed to making a difference in the world. Its safe to say he was definitely an unsung hero.

I left this memorial service touched , moved and inspired. I was touched by all the love I felt in the room. I was touched to hear how committed he was to transforming humanity. I was touched to know that there was such a awesome man right in my community.

I was moved to be like him. I was moved to commit to joining two organizations this year my self. I moved to start volunteering more to support others less fortunate than me. I was moved to use my God giving talents and blessing to leave this world better than I found it.

I was inspired live a big life. I was inspired to bring peace and love to everything I do. I was inspired to start new blog and get my own 501c non profit organization so I can help young black men. I was also inspired to start mentoring young men.

I want to make sure that my funeral is packed with people who love and miss me. I want to make sure many people show up at my funeral to let others know how I made a difference in there life for the better. I want to make sure that when I die not only am I complete, everyone in my life is complete with me as well.

Moving forward I choose to live my life in a manner which will leave other touched, moved and inspired. I choose to live my life in such a way that others want to be like me. I choose to live my life in a way that no one will have nothing but good things to say about me.

If you died today who would show up at your funeral and what would that say about your life?

Think about that.


Meditation isn’t easy, and it’s very powerful.


I meditated today for the first time in 22 years. I don’t remember it being this difficult. The last time I meditated I was 22 years old, which is half my age. I feel like I had half the issues I do today and I was in much better shape physically.

I decided  to meditated for various reasons. The first being I have know for a long time that it’s a powerful exercise, which allows one to connect with the higher powers that exist in our world. From studying many guru’s, spiritual leaders, sages, successful people and the like, they all promote meditation. secondly I have been listening to self development audio book regularly for the past 8 months and many of those speakers recommend meditation. Thirdly I’m reading a book titled “Calling in the one” and the first exercise in chapter one is to meditate and silently repeat the phrase ” I open myself up to giving and receiving love.”

As difficult as it was to stay focused on the candle, I kept at it. My mind kept drifting off on to all kind of thoughts. I didn’t realize how cluttered my mind was until I attempted to clean it out. That’s about to same for anything you attempt to clean out the clutter. I had a similar experience in my garage. I was unaware of how much junk was in there until I decided to clean it out.

One of the biggest things I got from this experience was the limits placed on my performance in life due to lack of focus. My mind is always moving at a 1000 miles an hour, attempting to gather and process as much information as possible. There are times when I need and appreciate that ability, and there are times when I need to have a single minded focus on one thing at a time.

I will continue to practice meditating until I get good at it. I believe that once I can tap into those universal higher powers on demand, I will be able to access my full potential as a human being. I look forward to that day and i know it will happen soon.