Money can’t fill an empty heart

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Money can’t fix a broken heart. It seem like most people in America believe the money, above all other things, will make the biggest difference in their lives.The “American Dream” is based upon having more money than one needs.

Yes, Money can patch up holes in your house. Money can also easily fix a hole in your car, but no amount of money can fix a hole in your heart.

Yes, Money does bring comfort and a false sense of security, but money doesn’t create happiness and peace.

Money isn’t real.

If all money in the world disappeared today, only humans would be impacted. The rest of the living creatures of the world would be just fine.This is because humans have been conditioned to believe that money is needed to survive.

When you’re laid up in the hospital, your bank account won’t come visit you.Nurture your relationship, love people, not money.

What Are You Passionate About?

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A few days ago I went to a Michael Brown rally at the CNN headquarters here in Atlanta. I had been to several rallies before, but this one was different, than the free Troy Davis or Stop Bullying rallies. This rally had a lot more people.  At this rally the energy was high, intense  and the people were passionate about the cause. At first I couldn’t put my finger on why the difference. Then it hit me. In this case the person who the rally was in honor of was murdered by the very institution create(the police department) to protect and serve his community. This victim had his civil and human rights violated.

As I further examined this scenario I realized that I used to be passionate about things like this. There was a time when I loved to have conversations about the injustices of the world and what I would do about them, if I was doing anything. I used to once believe that I would be the leader of an activist group the would usher in some new radical changes in the world. I remember when I felt like I would probably one day die for a cause, and now I don’t feel this way. What happen? Where did that passion go?

I can’t find a specific place in time where I lost my fever for human rights, and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is how do I get it back. How do I use it make a difference this time. Knowing what I know now, I can make things happen that will make an impact in many communities and possibly the world.

The people who I talked to at the rally were very passionate about civil rights. It was a bit strange to see how many people knew each other. It was like there is this whole underground civil rights network. Everyone that I talked to was there to further some agenda related to civil rights, human rights or black people rights. Everyone there was passionate about what they believed in. No one there was afraid to speak there mind on the issue. I met one man who actually marched with MLK back in the 60’s

I was touched, noted and inspired by this experience. I have decided that Im going to get involved in some form of activism. I’m going to stand for a cause and be passionate about it. I want to know that my efforts are making a difference in the lives of individuals and in the world. I want the world to know and feel my passion.

To answer the question what am I passionate about? I’m passionate about bringing an end to suffering in the world. I believe that the single leading cause of suffering in the world, is people believing that their view of the world is correct. When someone believes that they are right, then it means that others are wrong. “I’m right and your wrong” thinking will always result in a loose loose experience. If your belief is one in which it grants you the self appointed authority to insist that your view of the world is the absolute truth, that’s a problem. Whenever anyone is made wrong a breakdown in the relationship has begun.

I am committed to and passionate about giving others a new perspective on things that enable them to live life without suffering. I want everyone to know what it feels like to free to be themselves and be ok with others being themselves. That’s what I passionate about and I’m good at.