My Body is calling.


This Is A Call To Action. Join the Nation, Change Your Life and Change Your Nation. I can no longer resist the call of my higher self, requesting that I relate my body and soul as the source of my power and communication to the universe.

In order for me to experience the highest levels of communication and connection, I must be clean & clear of all fear. I must be a constant source of love and forgiveness, starting with myself.

Feeding my body poison everyday isn’t very loving to myself. Denying my body the opportunity to participate in physical activities that promote health and well being, isn’t loving myself. Standing on the sidelines of life watching others move and shake the world, that’s not loving the world.

It all sounds like some fear to me. Fear of responsibility, fear of being vulnerable and fear of change. These fears are keeping me trapped in my small life, which is aligned with my lower self. My fears are keeping me form having my someday life. I’m done with that.

I’m ready to divorce my lower self, our relationship hasn’t been working for me. I’m ready to be all that God intended me to be. I’m ready let my light shine.

I’m letting go. I surrender to the call.
See you on the other side.

I watched the PlantPure Nation documentary last night and I was touched, moved and inspired. So I am challenging myself to attempt to start a plant based diet today. The first phase is for me to eliminate red meat. Then I will remove the chicken and fish. The next thing to go will be the three “White Poisons” Flour, Sugar and Salt.

I also intend to do some blood work before and again in 6 months to see the measurable difference. I will accomplish my health transition gradually and I will achieve my goal.

Now who’s coming with me?

Watch this video and join there group and join one of the health groups that I’m a member. I recommend that you don’t think about it and just act.
Any Questions, Ask.
Link Below.

Why Landmark is my favorite place



Why Landmark Is My Favorite Place

Ever since I was a snotty nose kid there were two things that I have always wanted to do. Help others in need and change the world for the better.

Back then I believed that the world was full of pain and suffering, cause my life was full of pain and suffering. Most of the people I had met up to this point in my life seemed to have more pain and suffering than peace and happiness.

I saw this and for some strange reason I actually believed that I could make a difference and I didn’t think it would be difficult. That’s how the mind of a child works, It’s so open an fresh that it believes anything is possible.

Then as I got older I stopped believing that I could change the world, because I saw how hard it was to change myself. Even worst, how hard it was to change my family, impossible. Based on very little success in the world of change in my own life , I began to really think I was just a dreamer and that I needed to live in reality, with the rest of the people who are just suffering most of the time. Several people in my life have called my a big dreamer.

I gave up on that dream, to change the world, and a few other dreams as well. My focus became my desire to just survive life and maybe have a little fun along the way. I really didn’t want much, because I now thought that nothing really mattered. At this point I believed that nothing I did would make a difference in the world, so why do anything.

This was one of the disempowering operating systems that I was running my life on. It caused my to be very cynical and resigned towards life and people. I know was experiencing life with much pain and suffering and I felt quite normal and I hated it.

I stayed in this mind set for about 20 years, until I hit rock bottom. I was in a real low spot under some rock, down a dark alley, on a bad street in a bad neighborhood in Detroit. Well maybe I wasn’t doing that bad, but I was feeling that bad.

That’s when I finally took my best friend up on his request to do this course he had been telling me about for about five year. It was called the Landmark Forum. When he assured me that it would help with the stress and depression I was experiencing since my divorce, I almost ran to register for the course.

That was 6 years ago and I haven’t stopped taking courses in the Landmark community since. Not only has it been the single most beneficial thing that I have ever done for myself, it has restored my connection to my dreams and people in my life.

Landmark is a place where you get trained in the creation os possibility. T0 put it another way, to believe anything is possible, just like I did when I was a little kid. This work has taken me back to that operating system and I like it much better.

I now believe agin that I can change the world and bring an end to suffering. For the first time in live I have actually changed myself for the better and have been able to support others in doing the same for themselves.

That’s why landmark has become my favorite place. Every time I walk into a landmark center or event I feel a boost of love and energy. I have never went into a center and came out feeling worst than when I went in. Except for the many times when one of my coaches called me out on the things that I asked to be called out on.

To rap it up. For those people out there who have also been asked the question “Why do you spend so much time at Landmark?” Here is what I say now. Landmark is the only place I know that I can simultaneously work on myself, support other and change the world. I love that and that’s where I want to spend my time. Three dreams fulfilled for the price of one. That’s why Landmark is my favorite place.


Do You Love for Free or Require a Fee?


Do you love for free or require a fee?

Are you the type of person that gives love freely or do you require a fee for your love? In your relationships do you love freely or do you wait until the other person earns your love or meet some list of requirements?

I have experienced relationships with both types of people and I prefer free love, because that’s want I choose to give. I’ve dated some woman who tell me that they can’t completely love me until I meet some list of requirements. I have also had relationship where the woman gave me as much love as she could from the very beginning.

I don’t want to withhold my love, because the other person withholds their love. I have been taking a look at my behavior around giving love and want to make a change. I want to be someone who loves freely to everyone all the time.

I realized that the reasons that I withhold my love aren’t reason enough to deny myself the experience of love. It has become very clear that love is generated more in the giving than in receiving. I know for some of you this is hard to believe, so let me throw some proof at you.

The first most obvious example is in raising children. Most parents have undying, unconditional love for their children. Most parents would do almost anything in the world for their children. They will work two jobs, sometimes jobs they hate. They will sacrifice their wishes and dreams in order to support their children in their hopes and dreams. Parents will clean up vomit, poop, pee for their children. Parents will do these things and so much more for their children, all while the children do little to nothing for the parents.

You would be hard pressed to find a hard working parent that wouldn’t confess to loving their children to death. Parents even love kids that are bad and or down right lazy and selfish. Why because love is giving more than it is receiving.

This is also the case with pets. People love their pets, often like they are children. Pet owners will go to extremes at times to make their pets comfortable and happy no matter how much havoc their pets bring into there lives. Because love is in the giving more than it is in the receiving.

Sometime this can be seen in the way we adorn our material possessions. Who among us doesn’t know at least one man who loves his car like it was a living thing. In those “man and his car” relationships, the car doesn’t actually take any actions to please the man, yet he loves his car like a love song. Because love is in the giving of oneself.

So why is it that some people either don’t get this or don’t believe this? I believe it’s because they have tried it and didn’t get the love they wanted in return or because they don’t believe it will work. Either way they are limited by fear, which ironically is the opposite of love.

So the way I see it, either you’re in love or you’re in fear, there isn’t much in between, but a small space of indifference. So take a look at how you love others or how you fear others. You always have the power to choose love or fear.

If you’re not feeling love, is because you’re not giving love. It’s that simple.

I challenge each of you to see how much free love you can generate. Beside how can you place a fee on an intangible thing such as love or happiness.

Today I was given a new life


I’m in a leadership program for landmark education, called The Introduction Leaders Program. It’s a 7 months program and we meet three Fridays every month and we have four big weekend seminars every five weeks. The Friday classes are here in Atlanta and the four big seminar weekends are split between Atlanta and South Florida. My Friday Atlanta class room has 20 members and the big weekends have about 150 people from several different centers.

This weekend we had our third big weekend seminar and it was all about performance. I almost didn’t make it to the weekend, first because I was sick and exhausted from working all week and insufficient sleep. To make matters worst I When I awakened on Saturday morning I had I text which read “Your Dad in the hospital” accompanied with a pic of him unconscious and connected to a ventilator and a feeding tube. It was very shocking and emotionally draining to see my dad that way.

The combination of my illness, fatigue and my dads condition would have normally taken me out of my life. I would have told my self something like , “This is too much to deal with” or “I’m real stressed right now and I need to stay home”. It was the support of a fellow classmate that I have been staying with and the training and development of the program, that had me still make it to class. The old me surely would have seen this as a good enough reason to throw a pity party, where I would have played every “Whoa is me” “Why me?”, “life is not fair” or any other victim based song.

My training has taught me that powerful leaders arent subject to their circumstances, no matter what they are. Obama gets death threats daily and he still does his job. Therefore I knew that I needed to keep my word and commitment to the program and make the seminar weekend. So I did.

Later that same day I got a phone call from one of my cousins that lives here in Atlanta, notifying me that another of my cousins who lives in New Jersey had died. This was another blow to my spirit. I was able to hold back the tears from my fathers situation. Either because I still have some resentment from him being an absentee father until I was 25 or because the connection just wasn’t there. Hearing about my cousin succumbing to her brain tumor though hit me a bit harder even having known her days were numbered.

Here again I just wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there when I heard the news. That’s not what I did. I shed a few tears, made a few call, talked it out with a few friends and kept moving. I realized that there wasnt anything I could do for my dad or cousin at this time. So I decided that my energy would be best used completing the weekend developing my leadership skills and being around a very supportive community.

I also had several thoughts of not attending class on Sunday, because of my circumstances. I’m am so glad that I stuck it out and I didn’t give in to my breakdown and quit the program. It turned out that I had two huge breakthroughs that will change my life forever.

The first one came from my realizing that my fear of success was rooted in my belief that people would treat me bad or worse if I became successful. I believed that people would only build me up, so they could break me down later. I was convinced that some how, some way, I would be another fallen star. Another great leader that fell from grace for some transgression. This fear was so pervasive it my life that it showed up all over the place. I was truly committed to living a safe and small life, where I didn’t have anything at stake and nothing to lose. “When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose” as Bob Dylan once put it.

Being aware of this conversation in my head gave me the power to eradicate it. I am letting it go. I will no longer let that fear stop me from being successful. I will no longer choose a simple and easy life with no responsibility. There is no power in avoiding responsibility, and much power in taking responsibility. I wanted more power.

The next big breakthrough came from another one of my classmates. She is a successful Black woman that for some reason didnt like me, or so I thought. It was very clear that there was something about me that bothered her or that she didn’t like. So I decided to confronted her in an attempt to clean up whatever it was between us.

So I went to her on one of our breaks and asked her straight out. “What do I need to clean up with you?” I was shocked at what she told me. It truly made a huge difference in my life, probably more than any other thing I have gotten so far out of the program.

She told me that when she saw me for the first time that she saw my greatness and she was ready to support me in anyway she possibly could. Then she quickly realized that I was more committed to living a small life than the big life that the universe had in store for me. She told me that she was extremely disappointed it my desire to avoid my greatness and this caused her to shut me down and out of her space. She told me that I was destined for greatness wether I wanted it or not and that I spent more time and energy avoiding it than just accepting it.

I admit that I heard this many times before, but this time it really hit my hard, like it was the truth. I almost brought me to tears. I really got what she was saying. It explained why so many black woman in the past have treated my that same way. Actually many people have treated me the way and before today I thought they were prejudging me and making me wrong for how I chose to live me life. I never would have guessed that people’s disappointment in me was because I was squandering my blessing of greatness.

This was one of the biggest paradigm shift that I ever experienced in my life. So many things made sense all of a sudden. I have the ability to change the world but I wasn’t doing it. And even the power that I was using wasn’t being used wisely.

I can no longer be a small fry in our big pot of hot grease. I have to do what I was meant to do, which is change the world. I’m not sure fo how I will change the world, I just know it’s what I have to do and I’m going to do it. Watch me now!

How cleaning a public bathroom changed my life.

I was talking with a friend from one of my Landmark Education courses. We were talking about another course that we both took, but 6 years apart. In this conversation I discovered some things had changed in the course over the years.

He told me that once his homework for this particular course was to always leave public bathrooms cleaner than you found them. When he said this my first thought was “I would have never even thought of such a thing”. Then my next thought was “Why the hell would I want to do that and what would I get from cleaning some nasty toilets at the Happy gas station on Glenwood?

As much as I had no desire to clean the toilets in a public restrooms. I don’t even enjoy cleaning the one I use at home,it just seems nasty to me. There was still something about this idea of cleaning a public toilet that intrigued me, so I knew that I had to do it. I wanted to know what I would learn from leaving public restrooms cleaner than I found them.

So I started doing it the next week. The first thing I noticed was that I felt weird doing this for some reason. Maybe that’s why people seemed to be looking at my like I was weird. No, I think they really did find this behavior strange. People would just stop and watch me for a few seconds trying to figure out what I was doing. They couldn’t get why a person would clean a public restroom, so they were looking for the reason behind my actions.

After I did it a few times it didnt feel so weird, it actually started to feel good. I felt like I was doing the right thing. I felt like I was being responsible. I felt like I was making a difference for someone else. I knew that the next several patrons of this bathroom will have a better experience because of my actions.

It also showed me how simple it is to make a change that makes a difference in the lives of others. It showed me how simple it is to generate love in the world. It made me feel like a leader. It made me see that I could be doing so much more. The biggest thing I got from this was the shift that came from going from complaining about a problem to doing something about the problem. That was a huge paradigm shift for me.

When I was complain about the lack if cleanliness I felt agitated, disgusted and nervous about catching a staff infection in this bathroom. When I starting actually doing something about the problem I was no longer complaining, because I was working on the problem. When you commit to being 100% responsible for everything in your life, your have access to 100% of your power.

Remember the expression “With great power, comes great responsibility”? Which means responsibility and power go together. Which means you get get power by being responsible. Even in something so menial and gross as cleaning a public bathroom.

I challenge you to try it over the next two weeks. The worst thing that could happen is that you suffer a few stares, possibly meet another weirdo or we just end up with clean bathrooms everywhere.