Are You Tired Of Getting Beat Up By Love?

Knocked Out By Love.jpg

Tired of getting beat up by love?

Then let it go. Consider it a Love TKO.

Those are the words of Teddy Pendergrass. No truer words were ever spoken about relationships gone bad. “Let it Go”. Take the ass whopping and keep it moving. Don’t hang around and keep taking the beatings. If you do, then maybe your more broken the person committing the abuse.

No one would attempt to drive a car with three flat tires, because they know that such a car wouldn’t go anywhere. Yet many people try to drive a relationship that has three, something four flat tires.

A relationship that is totally broken down and going nowhere. When all the air and all of the love has been let out of the relationship, it will be flat lined, dead,then its time to scrap it.

There are some cases that might be worth saving and other that should be exited with the speed of a gazelle running for it’s life. Love isn’t supposed to be painful. People don’t have to hurt each other in the name of love, that is a choice that is consciously made.

Considering that there are so many ways to love someone in moments of stress and strife, resorting to abuse is the cowardly way. Abuse of any form is the lowest form of communication, it’ barbaric and in humane. Physical abuse is the worst of all.

If your being knocked out by love, that isn’t love, that’s something else and you are calling it love. Love don’t love nobody and love don’t hurt nobody.

Don’t blame love for your bad judgement.

My Body is calling.


This Is A Call To Action. Join the Nation, Change Your Life and Change Your Nation. I can no longer resist the call of my higher self, requesting that I relate my body and soul as the source of my power and communication to the universe.

In order for me to experience the highest levels of communication and connection, I must be clean & clear of all fear. I must be a constant source of love and forgiveness, starting with myself.

Feeding my body poison everyday isn’t very loving to myself. Denying my body the opportunity to participate in physical activities that promote health and well being, isn’t loving myself. Standing on the sidelines of life watching others move and shake the world, that’s not loving the world.

It all sounds like some fear to me. Fear of responsibility, fear of being vulnerable and fear of change. These fears are keeping me trapped in my small life, which is aligned with my lower self. My fears are keeping me form having my someday life. I’m done with that.

I’m ready to divorce my lower self, our relationship hasn’t been working for me. I’m ready to be all that God intended me to be. I’m ready let my light shine.

I’m letting go. I surrender to the call.
See you on the other side.

I watched the PlantPure Nation documentary last night and I was touched, moved and inspired. So I am challenging myself to attempt to start a plant based diet today. The first phase is for me to eliminate red meat. Then I will remove the chicken and fish. The next thing to go will be the three “White Poisons” Flour, Sugar and Salt.

I also intend to do some blood work before and again in 6 months to see the measurable difference. I will accomplish my health transition gradually and I will achieve my goal.

Now who’s coming with me?

Watch this video and join there group and join one of the health groups that I’m a member. I recommend that you don’t think about it and just act.
Any Questions, Ask.
Link Below.

If you died today, who would come to your funeral and what would they say about you?

If you were to die today, what would be said at your funeral?

I recently attended a memorial service for a very loving gentleman. There were hundreds in attendance, it was standing room only. He was loved, adored and respected by all.

For three hours I heard person after person go to the mic and tell story after story about how the deceased had impacted their life. He had been a member of over 100 organizations, all committed to making a difference in the world. Its safe to say he was definitely an unsung hero.

I left this memorial service touched , moved and inspired. I was touched by all the love I felt in the room. I was touched to hear how committed he was to transforming humanity. I was touched to know that there was such a awesome man right in my community.

I was moved to be like him. I was moved to commit to joining two organizations this year my self. I moved to start volunteering more to support others less fortunate than me. I was moved to use my God giving talents and blessing to leave this world better than I found it.

I was inspired live a big life. I was inspired to bring peace and love to everything I do. I was inspired to start new blog and get my own 501c non profit organization so I can help young black men. I was also inspired to start mentoring young men.

I want to make sure that my funeral is packed with people who love and miss me. I want to make sure many people show up at my funeral to let others know how I made a difference in there life for the better. I want to make sure that when I die not only am I complete, everyone in my life is complete with me as well.

Moving forward I choose to live my life in a manner which will leave other touched, moved and inspired. I choose to live my life in such a way that others want to be like me. I choose to live my life in a way that no one will have nothing but good things to say about me.

If you died today who would show up at your funeral and what would that say about your life?

Think about that.


Happy New Year


The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul and a new nose; new feet, a new backbone, new ears, and new eyes. Unless a particular man made New Year resolutions, he would make no resolutions. Unless a man starts afresh about things, he will certainly do nothing effective.
Gilbert K. Chesterton


What Is Love?


What is love?

A wise man once told me that love is the desire to benefit others at ones owns expense and that the opposite of love is to benefit ones self at the expense of others.

I mapped this definition of love on to my life and I quickly realized that I have rarely loved anyone to that degree and I have seldom experienced being loved to that degree. It occurred to me that most people are incapable of loving n such a way.

The few times that I either experienced or witnessed this type of love was, within families, churches and a few organizations that are committed to making a difference in the world.

A few things about this were alarming to me. First of all I believe that love is the number one thing people want in this world. Secondly the individuals that we revere and admire the most in the world exemplify this type of love, yet very few people follow there lead.

The three best examples of this are Jesus, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. These are three individuals that sacrificed their personal desires to benefit the others. Because they were able to love to that degree, they have forever become immortalized as idols of love and progression for humanity.

The question then is why isn’t the world filled with people like Jesus, Ghandi and MLK? It’s clear that the masses love them for their ability to love others unselfishly. So why hasn’t love become the driving force of the world?

It occurs to me that more people admire and emulate the wealthy, particularly entertainers and successful business people. To me it looks like most people are willing to make major scarifies in order to gain material possession and money and are afraid to do the same in the name of love.

If it’s true that love is that ultimate prize of life, then why are we so obsessed with money, knowing that money cant buy love? Everywhere I look I see someone doing something to make money or telling others how to make money. I rarely see people or organizations devoted to creating and generating love in the world.

Now I want to get a bit personal with you. How much of your personal desires would you sacrifice to benefit others? How much time to you spend it pursuit of material gain? Did you go to college to learn how to love people or make money? Do you have more love or money in your life? Beyond your family, what are you doing to benefit others?

Our obsession with money over love is the reason the world looks the way it does. This is all just my opinion, it’s not the truth. If you agree then say so, if you disagree then tell me why.

What is you definition of love and are you living up to what you believe?