Letting Go is Good

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Think of something that you attempted to do, tried it once and never again. Was that because that thing made you uncomfortable? Or was it because you felt like you failed. Just because you fail at something, doesn’t mean you should never try again. Failure is just information. Be a success, get back in action.
Ever del like you are being possessed by your possessions? Do you ever feel like your working hard just to maintain your stuff? How much of the stuff you have will help you when your in the hospital?
I remember when I was a slave to my addiction to material things. I would always have a desire for more than what I have. It stayed this way until I realized that my stuff was causing me a lot of stress.
I started downsizing and letting go.
I let go of people, places and things.
Most of all I let go of believing
“I’m always right” and “I know…”.
Start letting go today.

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