All You Need Is ALF

ALF, Alf, 1986-90, © Alien Productions / Courtesy: Everett Collection

All you need is ALF, ALF is all you need and you need a lot of it. Everything you got 100% of it. Acceptance and forgiveness are both a big part of Love. Acceptance and forgiveness are nesscarry to experience 100% Love

When you love someone, yet never accept them where they are, as they are, there are limits to your love. It’s the same result if you never forgive yourself and others. You will never reach 100% of your love.

Unconditional love is 100% love. It’s what you get when two people come together to fully love and accept each other and forgive each other when they are not loving and accepting. Unconditional love is the highest form of love.


Try this one for a few weeks and I bet it will change your life forever.

Choose to accept everyone for everything they are and everything they are not. Don’t make anyone wrong because they disagree with you. Try to see it their way. Make an effort to suspend your perspective and view every experience from the eyes of others. Play a game called everybody is right, and figure out how to make everyone right.

Take on being the source of love in all of your relationships. I will never understand how there are so many people that wait on the world to present them with the love they desire. It sounds a bit like this. “When my husband treats me like a Queen, I will treat him like a King”. A better context might be “I will treat my man like a King, because I am a Queen” or “I will treat my man as the king he is. This works just as well the other way around, where the man is saying this about the woman.

Instead of waiting for someone to generate the love you want, you bring the love to the relationship. Keep bringing the love to the relationship. Do all things in love, do all things in peace.

Then on the rare occasions when love and acceptance aren’t present, causing people to get upset and or hurt. All must be forgiven and forgotten, never to be spoken of again. Imagine that! It takes a tremendous amount of courage and love to forgive others.

You’re probably saying that you don’t posses that amount of love and courage. Start forgiving, accepting and loving everyone and you will develop it. You will soon discover how good it feels to truly forgive others. Every time I forgive someone, I’m amazed at how better I feel.

I came up with and take away acronym, ALF whens stands for Accept, Love and Forgive.

If you live your life by the ALF system, peace and happiness shall soon be yours.