Church is for sinners.

I went to church today and it was a pleasant and inspiring experience. I’m always touched, move and inspired at how differently life shows up when I let go of how I think it should be.

I refused to go to church for about 15 years. I had several bad experience in several churches. I concluded that church and organized religion wasn’t for me. I was convinced that the people in church were all big time sinners looking for forgiveness and validation. I felt like these were people who would spend six and a half days a week living a selfish life with no integrity. Then would come to church for two hours on sunday believing that they are pardoned for all their wrong doings, because that said, “I’m sorry” to some imaginary friend in the sky.

This was my view of church and church goers of many, many years. Then one day I decide to let that view go. Since I have let that view go last year, I have been to church about 20 times and every single time I have loved it. The funny things is that the church and the people in the church haven’t changed one bit, I did.

This makes it very clear to me that it’s not what is happening out in the world that has the world show up to me in a certain way. It’s totally how I see the world. I was working very hard to make my view of the world the truth. When actually there is no truth about the world.

When you spend all of your time trying to make something real, that exist only in your head, you will suffer.

I now see the importance of letting go of what I believe, is a better way and to just trust in the higher powers of the universe. When I approach life from that context, everything is perfect just as it is.

As they say in church “God don’t make mistakes.”

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