Meditation isn’t easy, and it’s very powerful.


I meditated today for the first time in 22 years. I don’t remember it being this difficult. The last time I meditated I was 22 years old, which is half my age. I feel like I had half the issues I do today and I was in much better shape physically.

I decided  to meditated for various reasons. The first being I have know for a long time that it’s a powerful exercise, which allows one to connect with the higher powers that exist in our world. From studying many guru’s, spiritual leaders, sages, successful people and the like, they all promote meditation. secondly I have been listening to self development audio book regularly for the past 8 months and many of those speakers recommend meditation. Thirdly I’m reading a book titled “Calling in the one” and the first exercise in chapter one is to meditate and silently repeat the phrase ” I open myself up to giving and receiving love.”

As difficult as it was to stay focused on the candle, I kept at it. My mind kept drifting off on to all kind of thoughts. I didn’t realize how cluttered my mind was until I attempted to clean it out. That’s about to same for anything you attempt to clean out the clutter. I had a similar experience in my garage. I was unaware of how much junk was in there until I decided to clean it out.

One of the biggest things I got from this experience was the limits placed on my performance in life due to lack of focus. My mind is always moving at a 1000 miles an hour, attempting to gather and process as much information as possible. There are times when I need and appreciate that ability, and there are times when I need to have a single minded focus on one thing at a time.

I will continue to practice meditating until I get good at it. I believe that once I can tap into those universal higher powers on demand, I will be able to access my full potential as a human being. I look forward to that day and i know it will happen soon.


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