What Is Love?


What is love?

A wise man once told me that love is the desire to benefit others at ones owns expense and that the opposite of love is to benefit ones self at the expense of others.

I mapped this definition of love on to my life and I quickly realized that I have rarely loved anyone to that degree and I have seldom experienced being loved to that degree. It occurred to me that most people are incapable of loving n such a way.

The few times that I either experienced or witnessed this type of love was, within families, churches and a few organizations that are committed to making a difference in the world.

A few things about this were alarming to me. First of all I believe that love is the number one thing people want in this world. Secondly the individuals that we revere and admire the most in the world exemplify this type of love, yet very few people follow there lead.

The three best examples of this are Jesus, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. These are three individuals that sacrificed their personal desires to benefit the others. Because they were able to love to that degree, they have forever become immortalized as idols of love and progression for humanity.

The question then is why isn’t the world filled with people like Jesus, Ghandi and MLK? It’s clear that the masses love them for their ability to love others unselfishly. So why hasn’t love become the driving force of the world?

It occurs to me that more people admire and emulate the wealthy, particularly entertainers and successful business people. To me it looks like most people are willing to make major scarifies in order to gain material possession and money and are afraid to do the same in the name of love.

If it’s true that love is that ultimate prize of life, then why are we so obsessed with money, knowing that money cant buy love? Everywhere I look I see someone doing something to make money or telling others how to make money. I rarely see people or organizations devoted to creating and generating love in the world.

Now I want to get a bit personal with you. How much of your personal desires would you sacrifice to benefit others? How much time to you spend it pursuit of material gain? Did you go to college to learn how to love people or make money? Do you have more love or money in your life? Beyond your family, what are you doing to benefit others?

Our obsession with money over love is the reason the world looks the way it does. This is all just my opinion, it’s not the truth. If you agree then say so, if you disagree then tell me why.

What is you definition of love and are you living up to what you believe?

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