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Life is risk. We can definitely minimize the amount of risk that we experience in our lives but if we pursue this line of action too much we can end up with lives that are stale and boring. Risk is a natural result of being alive; since it is impossible for us to know every single possibility, since we cannot predict the future, any action that we take involves some kind of risk.

Why Landmark is my favorite place



Why Landmark Is My Favorite Place

Ever since I was a snotty nose kid there were two things that I have always wanted to do. Help others in need and change the world for the better.

Back then I believed that the world was full of pain and suffering, cause my life was full of pain and suffering. Most of the people I had met up to this point in my life seemed to have more pain and suffering than peace and happiness.

I saw this and for some strange reason I actually believed that I could make a difference and I didn’t think it would be difficult. That’s how the mind of a child works, It’s so open an fresh that it believes anything is possible.

Then as I got older I stopped believing that I could change the world, because I saw how hard it was to change myself. Even worst, how hard it was to change my family, impossible. Based on very little success in the world of change in my own life , I began to really think I was just a dreamer and that I needed to live in reality, with the rest of the people who are just suffering most of the time. Several people in my life have called my a big dreamer.

I gave up on that dream, to change the world, and a few other dreams as well. My focus became my desire to just survive life and maybe have a little fun along the way. I really didn’t want much, because I now thought that nothing really mattered. At this point I believed that nothing I did would make a difference in the world, so why do anything.

This was one of the disempowering operating systems that I was running my life on. It caused my to be very cynical and resigned towards life and people. I know was experiencing life with much pain and suffering and I felt quite normal and I hated it.

I stayed in this mind set for about 20 years, until I hit rock bottom. I was in a real low spot under some rock, down a dark alley, on a bad street in a bad neighborhood in Detroit. Well maybe I wasn’t doing that bad, but I was feeling that bad.

That’s when I finally took my best friend up on his request to do this course he had been telling me about for about five year. It was called the Landmark Forum. When he assured me that it would help with the stress and depression I was experiencing since my divorce, I almost ran to register for the course.

That was 6 years ago and I haven’t stopped taking courses in the Landmark community since. Not only has it been the single most beneficial thing that I have ever done for myself, it has restored my connection to my dreams and people in my life.

Landmark is a place where you get trained in the creation os possibility. T0 put it another way, to believe anything is possible, just like I did when I was a little kid. This work has taken me back to that operating system and I like it much better.

I now believe agin that I can change the world and bring an end to suffering. For the first time in live I have actually changed myself for the better and have been able to support others in doing the same for themselves.

That’s why landmark has become my favorite place. Every time I walk into a landmark center or event I feel a boost of love and energy. I have never went into a center and came out feeling worst than when I went in. Except for the many times when one of my coaches called me out on the things that I asked to be called out on.

To rap it up. For those people out there who have also been asked the question “Why do you spend so much time at Landmark?” Here is what I say now. Landmark is the only place I know that I can simultaneously work on myself, support other and change the world. I love that and that’s where I want to spend my time. Three dreams fulfilled for the price of one. That’s why Landmark is my favorite place.