Who does your heavy lifting?


Who does your heavy lifting? Who helps you do the things you can’t do by yourself? Who do you call when you need help? Or are you one of those Lone Ranger types, you believe that you can do everything by yourself? Take a look, what do you see?

For a long time I was the Lone Ranger type. I would not allow others to help me with anything. I believed that needing help was a sign of weakness. Asking for help ment that I failed to do something or that I wasn’t enough in some way. In that view asking for help made me feel bad, so why would I do that. Handling all my issues and problems by myself made me feel strong and independent.

I would suffer in silence, never revealing what I was really dealing with to those close to me, or anyone for that matter. This was how I lived for over 30 years.  I was determined to be as self-made as possible, by asking for as little support as possible.

The ironic thing about me not being open to asking for help, was that I was always helping others. I have been called “Captain Save -A- Ho” by more than one friend. I have a thing for damsel’s in distress. I would pretty much help anyone that had a good sob story. I just didn’t let them help me back.

No I see things a bit different, I’m ok with receiving help. In fact I have learned to enjoy asking for help. When I allow others to support me with something it always turns out better. It also allows for a closer relationship between me and others and I don’t burn myself out as much trying to save the world alone. Now I let other do some of my heavy lifting and we all get a workout.