Hurt People, Hurt People


Hey Young world of Facebook, I want to share something that I got today on a deeper level. It’s a big one so say it to yourself a few times and think about your personal experiences. Are you ready? Here it goes, “HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE”.

I heard that statement many years ago and I could relate to it well back then. Today it hit me on another, deeper level. Today a saw even further in to this message. Today I under even more why this happens so much in life. I won’t drag it out this time, so here is the breakdown.

People are hurt because they once believed in a person, a thing or maybe some dream or idea. Then when that peron, or thing, dream or idea doesn’t show up as they want it to, they become upset and hurt.
To put it another way, we get hurt when we don’t get our way. Sound immature doesn’t it, but it’s the truth. So remember this, the next time your upset, it’s only cause things didn’t go your way.

Then you claim your hurt and that you’ve been done wrong and thus warrants you protecting yourself from future disappointment by any means necessary. So now you are hurting others and calling it being safe, protecting your heart.

What this means is that anyone who has any fear around opening up and connecting with others, your hurt and scared. Worst of all now your doing that same thing to others that you didn’t want done to you.

Thus hurt people hurt people.

By the way I wrote this on my cell phone, riding a trolly down international in Orlando. — at Friendly’s Restaurant & Ice Cream.

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