25CI90D – Cities, Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville, & Indiana

TCO 2014 1

The CrossOver

Driving across America has been a dream of mine. In fact I want to do it as many times as I can. I love to travel, see new places and meet new people. Most of all have new life experiences. Today the beginning  of a new conversation for me. This new conversation tells me to make it happen, never give up, never surrender. Go after what you really and then make sure you enjoy it. That’s my new conversation, I like it and I think I will keep it for awhile. New conversations will lead to a new life. My old conversation told me that I had to be filthy rich to travel across america. My old conversation said wait until you get a wife and kids and do it with the. My old conversation said, maybe you can do it when you retire. My new conversation says do it now. I invite you to follow me on facebook, instagram, and twitter. I also invite you look at having one of your dreams come true this year, right now. What are your dreams? I want to watch them come true and I want to share mine with you. One of the best things that will happen to you when you chase your dream, is that you will meet other dream chasers. What are you waiting on. Stop whatever your doing and go chase a dream.

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