My mother used to collect butterfly nick nacs., and butterfly pictures. I remember looking at them as a child and wondering what would it be like to be a butterfly. At that time it was just because I thought butterflies were colorful, pretty and they could fly. Know I love butterflies more than ever and it’s for a totally different reason. I love butterflies because I believe that a butterfly represents the highest level of transformation that exists in this world.

I find it amazing that a creepy crawling, six-legged worm, could one day become a beautiful insect blessed with the gift of flight. What more could one ask for than to be a beautiful flying insect. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I’m sure most of you can understand what it might feel like to be amazingly beautiful to everyone. Just as well for most people it easy to imagine how great it would be to fly.  I won’t speak so confidently about our desire to be an insect. Either way all of these points are for another conversation. For now let’s assume that a butterfly has a great life, because that how it occurs to me.

What’s even more amazing than the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly is the unawareness of the caterpillar of what’s to come? A caterpillar has no idea of just how great it’s life will soon become. A caterpillar can’t imagine all of the experiences it will have as a butterfly. A caterpillar has no idea how much it will be adored as a butterfly. A caterpillar it totally clueless that as a butterfly it will represent many things to many people rounds the world, all of them being positive.

To some a butterfly represents hope, for others it represents the soul man. In some cultures a butterfly symbolizes love, rebirth and in other good luck.  I believe that the reason that people love butterflies so much is because we know that used to be caterpillars. We all secretly wish we could transform ourselves like a butterfly.

For me a butterfly represents what’s possible for all life, amazing transformation to beautiful creatures that are loved by all living things. (World Peace) Some say that I’m a dreamer, but I not the only one.

I don’t want to be a butterfly; I want to have that degree transformation in my life. I spent over 30 years hoping, wishing and begging for someone to give me a cocoon. Then I realized that I had to make my own cocoon. I’m writing you this post from inside my cocoon. My wings have broken out; I’m just about ready to fly. I had a wish come true, I have transformed myself

So far my transformation has been the best part of my life, wait til I get my wings!


I Gonna Fly!



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