How is this moving my life forward?


How is this moving my life forward? A few years ago I had a life coach ask me that question about a particular action I was taking. That question has resonated with me every since. I now ask myself this question whenever I have a doubt about my actions. “How is this moving my life forward?” is a great baseline question for one’s life analysis. I ask myself this question all the time now and it makes a difference every time I hear the question. It makes me take a good look at every action I take. Every choice I make. I size them up to this question. If the answer comes back a “No”, then I discontinue what every yields a “NO” answer.

I don’t mean to say that every single thing that I do is designed to move my life forward. Sometimes I just want to enjoy life. In those cases I’m not concerned if what I’m doing is a forward action or not. There are times when I choose to do things for others, supporting them in moving their life forward. For the most part, I now live my life in a way that only moves me forward. When I do this continuously I get a good momentum going in my life and it feels great. Once I get some positive momentum, it hard to slow me down. I become very powerful and unstoppable. All of this just by asking myself this simple question all the time.

To all my readers, I encourage you the take on this little question as a tool to keep your life moving forward. Right before you have your second shot of Patron ask yourself, “ how is this moving my life forward?” Just before you buy the new IPhone 7, ask yourself, “ how is this moving my life forward?” Right before you have unprotected sex with that guy or girl you met over freakish weekend, ask yourself, “ ‘how is this moving my life forward?” Before your be mean to your spouse or children, ask yourself, “How is this moving my life forward?”

If you still have any doubt if your actions are moving your life forward, ask a good friend this question. Call your best friend and tell them what you plan to do, and then ask them the question “How does this move my life forward?” A good friend will tell you the truth and steer you in the right direction.

What else is there to do in life other than move forward, enjoy life and help others. Ok, there might be a few more things on that list. Moving forward is essential to enjoying life and helping other. Plus being stagnant doesn’t feel good. The world is also moving forward and so should you.


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