Questions for Love from If3 (Mcfarlane & Saywell)



If you had to recall the person who was the most difficult to face the morning after, who would it be?

If you had to pick the one person in your life you have felt the strongest platonic love for, aside from members of your family, who would you say it was?

If you were to name the two people you know who come closest to being a soul mate, who would it be?

If you were to win an award for the time you made the most noise during sex, what occasion would be cited and who were you with?

These are some good ones. I remember the most difficult person to face the morning after. It was this very unattractive girl that I met over the phone. It was one of those horny late nights after i had a few stimulants in my system.  When you walk into the light when I went to pick her up, my first thought was. OH MY GOD, what have I done. I took her home anyway and struggled thru the experience.

The next morning when she walked out of my room to use the bathroom, she scared my roommate and diminished my reputation as a ladies man. She had two gold teeth, a bad weave and old air Jordans. Truly a ghetto queen.

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