Imagine This.


Imagine if you could actually create your reality. Imagine if you could write a script for your life. Imagine if you had complete control for your life. What would your life look like, if you designed it?

If your reading this, and your thinking “Mike is talking crazy”. Then your probably not very satisfied with your life. When you know and believe that you are in command your your life, life occurs totally different for you. When you know you are the designer of your life, life becomes a wonderful experience. When you realize that you have the ability to create just about anything you can imagine, life becomes exciting.

Those that have figured this out are living life to the fullest. Some people get this early in life, some get it when their old , and others never get it at all. Why do some people get it and others don’t? I think I know why. It’s pretty simple.

The best state of mind to be in when you learn something is a positive state of mind. It’s difficult to learn anything when your mad, upset, scared , hungry, or anything that’s very uncomfortable. When you feel good you can take new things in real easy, just like kids do.

I can look bad over my life and see clearly that most of the regretful choices I have ever made in my life, have been made when I was in some disempowered view of life. The worst things I have ever said to someone has all been when I was upset. When I say nasty things to myself, I’m upset at myself. We do some awful things when we get upset. When you can control your emotions and maintain a positive veiw towards life, you become very powerful.

I know it may be hard to believe that things can be this simple. It might seem impossible to fathom that a positive attitude is all you need to have a great life. Yes, it really is that simple.

Happy people enjoy life more simply because their happy. True happiness doesn’t come from things and status. True happiness come from gratitude and simplicity. Just be grateful for everything you have and always choose the simplest solution, and “everything gonna be alright.”

Imagine That!

One thought on “Imagine This.

  1. Imagine this:
    There are people who pull us up – when we sink (or are pulled) under, back down into the negative.
    These are angels …

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