Valentines Day Tractor Pull!



Didn’t that capture you attention. A Valentine Day Tractor Pull sounds like it might be the best thing to ever happen on Valentines Day. One thing for sure it would get a lot of men interested in Valentines Day.

Here’s a small glimpse of how it would go. It would be a lot like tractor pulls are right now, except totally different. The VD Tractor Pull, would be super hot chicks only, with Daisy Duke outfits and hollywood hair. They all would drive super up girly looking trucks, with all the trimming, bells and whistles that appeal to woman. Plus all of the hot chicks would have regular guys for boyfriends and husbands. The object of the The VD Tractor Pull would be to see which driver could collect the most garden tools in the least amount of time.

Next on my list to fancy up this stale holiday, is a new reality show. This show would be about men who really love Valentines Day, so much that they have many valentines. The show would be called The VD Awards, Prizes would be given to the men who were able to best manage their valentines. There would be several awards categories for these lovers of Valentines Day. Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

This would no doubt inspire millions of men to take a new approach to Valentines Day. I know I’m ready to buy my tickets for the VD Tractor Pull.

What are your ideas on how spicy up Valentines Day for men?


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