Have you ever saved a life?


Big Question, isn’t it? Has anyone ever saved your life? Probably so, cause your still alive.

Saving someones live doesn’t always have to be in some very heroic way, like rescuing a child from a burning fire, or  given a drowning old woman CPR. Saving a life can be as simple as having a life changing conversation with someone. You could share a small piece of information that totally changes the trajectory of another’s life.

You could forego a weeks worth of Starbucks coffee and feed a homeless man for a week. That would change his life. Not just that you feed him for a week, but that you showed he some love. I t would be even more loving if you brought him a plate of food from your home every day.

Saving a life could be as easy as letting your sister’s teenage daughter come and live with you, because your sister has a dependency problem and is in an abusive relationship. You could save a life from volunteering at your local boys and girls club once a week. You could even save lives by just telling everyone you meet that you love them. It might appear a little weird at first, but it will make a difference and saves lives. I Love You.

Take a look back over your life and think of how many people made a huge contribution to your life. Think about every time someone helped you out in a big way, or talked you through a rough time. Think about all the time you were given some great advice, even if it took you five years to use this great advice, it still made an impact. All of these things qualify as life changing, even life saving.

To put it another way you can save someones life just by making a difference.

Here is my challenge to you. Make a commitment to saving a life every week. Make sure that every week you make a dramatic, positive impact in someones life, it can even be your own.

Remember, there is no greater calling in life than to serve others, what better way to do that than by saving lives.


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