No more complaining, time for action!


Take a look at the things you complain about the most. It might be your significant other, your children , your job. Maybe its your family and friends, the government or Atlanta traffic. It could be many thing and anything, it is what pisses you off.

Now that you have distinguished what these things are, ask yourself this question. “What am I doing about the things that continually get me upset?” If your list of complaints is longer than your list of actions to eliminate the complaints, then your more part of the problem , than the solution.

If your spending more time focusing on whats wrong , than on how to fix it, then your part of the problem. No problem has ever been corrected by focusing on the problem. You can’t make yourself feel better by thinking about being sick. You can’t generate love, while living in fear.

With this being said, I have been taking a looksie at my life to see what areas this is the case with me. What am I doing about the things that I complain about? What actions am I taking to mak a difference for my life and others? What I discovered is that there is room for improvement, and lots of it.

I realized that it is much easier to complain about a problem than it is to do something about the problem. I was taking the easy way, when there is no easy way out. Complaining doesn’t make me or the people that I’m complaining to feel better. Plus when your complaining the problem hasn’t gotten any better, which means that you will keep complaining about it and feeling bad about it. Now doesnt’ that sound crazy?

So I invite you,my readers, to submit three of your biggest complaints and what actions your going to take against these complaints, here in a comment. Accepting my request is your first action, not accepting my request is more complaining.Now your probably wishes that you hadn’t read this blog, Too Late. Now get in action.


2 thoughts on “No more complaining, time for action!

  1. Ok – here goes
    three complaints:
    #1 marriage not working
    #2 too many bills
    #3 not feeling fulfilled

    marriage – newly separated after some recent (tragic) events and more than 8 years of dysfunction

    bills – currently overhauling budget to be more realistic with current prices – will have to cut back in some areas

    not feeling fulfilled – looking to myself personally and professionally, not leaving it up to others

    I started 2013 at the Landmark Forum in order to seriously begin addressing all three and begin to change my life.

    • Hey Beth, Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the comment. I want to acknowledge you for having the courage to take on your life. It takes a lot for one to truly look at themselves. You life is about to change.

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