First Things First!


“First Things First”, the Notorious B.I.G knew the importance of this, which is why he started one of his most famous song with this idiom. It simply do the most important things before less important things. I believe it to be the simplest and most effective time management tool.

I decided to add this idiom to my everyday life, after I had some major breakdowns around my lack of time management skills. Some of this had to do with me not backing up my phone calendar on my phone, which was the one I used the most often. I always have my phone with me, In my pocket or on my hip, so it became my first calendar of choice. I also failed to sync it up to my google calendar, so when I lost my phone, my schedule disappeared with it.

I thought it would be a great idea to teach myself better time management skills, by teaching other how to better manage their time. This means that I will focus my blogging on time management for the rest of the year. I plan to throw a few other topics in there also, and I want to delivery something to my readers everyday on improving their time management. I also welcome any tips from the world at large.

I believe that if I can develop great time management skills by the new year, I will get off to a great 2013. Nothing can be more effective than great time management skill except a great attitude. I think my attitude just took a shift for the better, my time management needs to follow.

2 thoughts on “First Things First!

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