Love Anyway!


I believe wanting to be loved is one of man’s greatest desires, second only the desire to survive. We want to live first and love second. It appears to me that most of our personal thoughts and actions are connected to love. Wanting love, needing love, missing love, scared of love, hurt by love, in love with love, down with love, lost in love, working for love, looking for love, all out of love, in love with ones self, and loving every minute of it.

It may show up in different ways in different people, but it’s there, some motive connected to love. Look and you will see it everywhere. With this being a part of everyone’s make up, the desire to be loved. You would think that the world would be overflowing with love. It doesn’t quite seem that way to me. So what happen?

It appears that we have become over run by people who are scared of love vs people willing to love. The most bizarre fear around love is when it shows up like jealously or envy. It doesn’t make sense to me for someone to be upset because two other people are in love. I understand that when it occurs as rejection it might hurt a bit. Yet I still believe people should be excited to see love whenever, where ever and however it shows up. Love is Love.

Think about this, when you see others in love, how does it make you feel? Are you happy or are you upset in some way? When your in love you see love everywhere and you love it. When your hurting from love, you avoid love and you don’t want others to have love.  This is why happy people don’t get jealous as much as unhappy people.

I you feel happy every time you see love, then you will experience love and generate love, therefore you will feel love. That’s because love starts on the inside, not on the outside. If you put it out it will come back.

So here is my request for everyone. When you feel hurt, love anyway, When your upset, love anyway, when you’ve been betrayed, love anyway, when your mad at the world, love anyway, when there is no one to love, love anyway, when your deep in debt, love anyway, when your dazed and confused, love anyway, when your breaking up, love anyway, when you don’t know what to do, love anyway.

If you take love everywhere yo go, love will be everywhere you go.


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