Are you a Hurt Person, Hurting People?

“Hurt People, Hurt People”, sounds like a song tile to me, or maybe a typo. It could be the name of a new age rock band or even a cool vigilantly group. Hurt People, Hurt would also make a good name for and anger management support group. What it is for sure, is the truth. Hurt People, Hurt People.

For most adults it’s easy to distinguish a hurt person. All of us have a friend or relative that is hypersensitive about everything. That person that is bothered by almost everything in life, that’s a hurt person. Then there is that guy that just keeps to him self at work, at school and with his family and friends. He wont let anyone get close to him, that’s a hurt person. What about that girl who believes all men are dogs and she has never even had a real boyfriend, that’s a hurt person. Hurt people come in all shapes, sizes and colors, from all around the world. It is easy to see a hurt person, it’s harder to see our own hurt.

It’s amazing to me how it’s so easy to see the manifestation of another’s hurt, while simultaneously being unable to see our own. I believe that most of us don’t realize how hurt we are. We don’t realize how much our hurt and fear of being hurt is running our lives. It appears to me that even some of the best things we do for ourselves are still done out of some fear of being hurt.

I will give a few examples of how it was showing up for me. I would often decide to return to college and obtain a degree right after I experienced some hurt from not having a degree. Something out there in the world would happen, I would then interpret this as hurtful to me, and make a decision to take and action, I think would bring an end to this hurt. Going back to school is a great idea, it would bring so much more to my life and my ability to impact the world. Going back to school because some woman hurt my feelings, by saying that she wanted to marry a man with a college degree is not a good idea. See the difference?

The reason why we do something is more important than what we do. You can do 30 different things and all of them be done for 1 reason. If you make most of you life decisions in response to some fear. So much of your life will be tainted with a coat of fear over it. The whole time you keep telling yourself that you’re playing it safe and making sure it’s the right choice. When you play it safe you hold back your love, your passion, your lust for life. You give 50% of yourself while hoping or expecting others to give you all of them first. That never works out well in relationships or in business or at work.

We subconsciously hurt others, because we don’t realize how hurt we actually are. It’s quite common for people to mask there pain from others, because they don’t want to look weak, stupid, fragile, unstable, crazy, sensitive, angry, mean, jealous, emotional, basically nothing that doesn’t look good. After so much masking your feelings from others, you began to mask your feeling from yourself. You start to tell yourself they you’re ok, that your not hurting anymore, when you really still are.

Are you masking your hurt? Are you hurting others without knowing? Do you feel hurt most of the time? Do you feel alone? Are you a Hurt Person, Hurting People?

Coming soon I will share a few signs for you to look for to see if you have some healing to do. And guess what? The answer is so simple; Love is the answer to every question.

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