Do you ignore weather forcast and check engine lights?

Have you ever looked outside and noticed ominous dark clouds in the sky, and thought to yourself “It looks like a storms coming”. Then you leave your house with no umbrella, no raincoat and no galoshes. Then when the monsoon rain starts to fall and mess up you new hair do or you nice suede jacket, you get upset.

What is wrong with this picture? Why did this happen? Why did you ignore the weather forecast? Ominous dark clouds never produce sunny days, they always bring heavy rain. When there is a build up of water in the sky it always falls back to earth. You don’t need the weather channel to confirm that.

The bigger question here is, where else do you do that in your life? Where else in you life to you get clear definite signs that bad weather is coming and you still proceed with out any precaution or preparation? How often do you walk into storms and act surprised or get upset cause you got wet?

I know I have done this in many relationships. I saw the signs and kept marching right along as if it was going to change because I wished it to. I’ve done it in regards to my health, I’ve done this with my car and a few other ares of my life. Be straight up, How many of us ignore the “check engine” light on the dashboard and just keep driving? Is it that you think the light will just go off by itself?

This way of thinking doesn’t work very well and leads to avoidable stress. Ignoring signs will always leave you at the least unprepared and possibly hurt in someway. This is a clear indication of ones listening skills. The more you listen, the more you learn.

So listen to the weather forecast of your life. Im not saying to run for shelter every time you see a dark cloud in your life, just be aware, prepared and responsible for what you know is to come.

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