Do you feel like your never satisfied?

One of the things that I think gets in the way of us loving each others and our lives is our innate desire to have more. I totally see how this desire to expand and have more is the impetus behind human development. This desire to be all we can be is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. This unsatisfied desire for progression is what gave us language, Science and Religion ect. It is also safe to say that, the things that bring us our greatest joy, also gives us our greatest pain.

Most people are impressed with a person that has a high level of achievement. Our society parades those who are the best at producing and performing in ways that generate mass appeal, no matter how silly it may be. Take some of this reality TV for example. Some of the most popular TV shows are useless for anything other than being simple entertainment. Today you can become very famous for doing nothing if you are popular.

The point I was trying to make here is that were so drawn to people who can achieve a lot even when it’s a lot of nonsense and nothing. It doesnt matter what it is, if you have a lot of it and a lot of people like it, your considered a success to some segment of the population. This makes people belive that more is better no matter what it is.

Take a look at your life and think about when you have felt never satisfied. Think about the times when you knew what you had was good and you still wanted more. Think about when you purchased two new pairs of shoes and two outfits, when you really didn’t need any new clothes. Maybe you wanted to get a new car, when there was really nothing wrong with the car you have. You might be considering going back to school for your PhD, when you already have two master’s degrees.

Are you seeing it? Does it appear that you too are never satisfied? “Never Crave, Never Have” have you heard that before. Here is my counter aphorism “Always Craving, Never Satisfied”.

Our desire to have more is so prevalent that now it’s quite common for people to want more for others. “Not only do I want more for me, I want more for you”. Have you either said or heard that before? To which the most common reply is “I’m happy with what I got”.

So I’m proposing that the same drive in humans that is responsible for our greatest examples of progression are also the drives that limits us when it comes to intimate relationships. Never satisfied works in moving forward things like science, religion,sports and business. It doesnt always play out the same way in Love. We will discuss this more in my next post, see you then.

For now tell me how you feel never satisfied and how that makes you feel?

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