Don’t get it twisted, love doens’t always look like love.

Ever find it amazing how someone can be so oblivious to the pain and suffering of others, particularly in romantic relationship. It seems so blatantly obvious sometimes who’s chasing who. So often, one person emotionally peeks out far too soon and ends up in the “Serious Zone”. Premature entrance into the “Serious Zone” can create more problems in a relationship than premature ejaculation. It’s serious, thus the name Serious Zone.

The first thing that happens when one parter hits the “Serious Zone” to soon, is they get all serious. Things that once were cool, are no longer cool. Their list of unacceptable nearly doubles overnight. Things that used to make them laugh now makes them mad. That’s when the person who hasn’t had an emotional leap starts thinking (“WTF”) What is your problem? or maybe something like why are you so sensitive now? Ever been there?

Staying on course with our “Love TalKs”, lets say that one persons love grew unexpectedly fast. Now they are having a difficult time maintaining a sense of stability. This is only because they couldn’t manage the surge of love that they experienced. When someone feels out of control they will try to control others.

Wether you are the person feeling hurt or the one being accused of doing the hurting, remember this. The problem might not be as bad as it seems, if you can see it from a love perspective. Your partner is more in love than they expected and they need a little support in dealing with there new feelings.

If this doesn’t work for you then create something that does and make sure that its based n love, not fear. Love don’t hurt when your giving it, well maybe just a little. Love hurts when we don’t get it. So remember this every time your not loving someone, your hurting someone.

Stop worrying about receiving love and focus on giving love and you will get love.

2 thoughts on “Don’t get it twisted, love doens’t always look like love.

  1. Sometimes you hit the nail on the head so precisely that it is scary. I am going through this exact situation where a friend of mine is really controlling. She always seems to orchestrate a situation where I am uncomfortable then when I complain about my discomfort she blows up saying I don’t love her because I will not put up with a little discomfort to please her. I always figured she was crazy but since I read your blog I am certain she has graduated to the serious zone. Her life is spiraling out of control so she feels that she needs to control something or someone.

    • First of all thanks for you contribution to this conversation. Im glad it was helpful to you. In the future don’t underestimate your true power. Sometimes it too much for others to handle. You might have to be the bigger person and do what you know is right. The other person might not be able to make the tough decision. Tell this woman the truth and try to give her as much as can of what she wants.

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