Love Love. A small thing, that makes a big difference.

Love is in the air, love is everywhere.
Sounds like a song, well it is a lyric from several songs. It seems like most songs are about love.
People love to sing songs about love. Love is the best thing that ever happened to me, all the way to love stinks. Love changed my life or loving you is killing me, might be more your tune. Some people sing about the love of things, I love my car, I love my money, I love my lifestyle or even I love music, one of my favorites.

Either were are singing about how much we love love or how much we hate love, were still talking about love. All relationship are based on love. You might be looking for love, maybe your hinding from love. How about praying and hoping for love. Ever feel like your longing for love? Do you ever miss the love of someone? Do you sometimes feel that you don’t get enough love? Are you sometimes afraid of love. Do you tell yourself that loves makes you crazy or that love makes the other person crazy?

How much love do you have in your life? How much love do you bring to the world? Do you expect more love or do you prefer to give love? Do you find it difficult to let others love you? Do you believe in the many ways and forms of love? Is unconditional love really possible? Why is love so mysterious? Do you even believe in love at all?

These are just a few of the love talks were going to get into on my blog over the next several months. I’m committed to bringing more love to the world because I believe that’s the main thing missing. Love is the smallest thing, that makes the biggest difference.

Just being in these conversations will open you up and allow more love in your life. I dare you to participate and I dare you to love more than you ever have before. Love just to love. Love just because. Love Love.

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