Is the Earth Flat?

What do you think, Is the earth flat or round? What does you gut tell you? If the only thing you had to go one was what you knew first hand, what would you think? Would you have to read a book or seek information from others to make a decision? Is this something you just know the answer to?

Is it hard for you to imagine that at some point in the not so distant past, that people believed the world was flat. This was actually a hot topic once, now its common knowledge that the world is round, that conversation is dead. People don’t talk about a flat earth any more.

Imagine this, your Mother calls you and told you that she was in jail because she was debating the theory of a round earth with someone form the local mega church. That sounds totally crazy right now, doesn’t it? “Ok, Mother, let me get this straight. Your in jail because you were debating with somebody from World Changers First Baptist church about wether or not the earth was flat or round?” At that very moment before your mother could answer, your thinking, she better tell me that I heard it all wrong. This conversation would be hard to understand now, because given our current knowledge and understanding the earth being flat theory is just a myth created and promoted by ignorance and the church.

Try to imagine of what such a world would be like. Imagine how little integrity that existed in society and the world for the masses of to believe in a flat world. I personally believe that for a long time their has been plenty of evidence to support that the world is round. It would take some olympic gold medal mental gymnastic to really believe that the earth is flat.

By now means am I a psychologist(I used to date one) but this seems like group think to me. If enough people agree on the way something is or should be, it will most likely become an acceptable way of being, maybe even law. If enough people support any given religion it will grow from a “Cult” status to a “World Religion” Status, just by having more believers. With even more believers a religion can become the law of the land.

The myth that the earth was flat is now just a myth. Some time ago it was a truth that shaped our world.

So here comes the $64,000 question: What is an equivalent to that right now What is the biggest myth of our time? What are the myth’s of today that shape our way of thinking and our world? What do you think it is? Could be maybe that Money brings happiness? Could it be that all religion is good for us?
could it be that monogamy is natural for us. Could it be that time exist? It could be all of these things and more.

What is it that we believe today that two or three hundred years from now we will no longer believe? What’s the next big paradigm shift for humanity?

The question is no longer “Is the world flat”, instead “What is the meaning of life?

So answer me this. What in our society shall we soon discover is so counter productive to a better existence of humanity, that we change our view about it?

I would love to hear what you think.

What is the biggest myth of our time?

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