Are You Running up Hills or Climbing Mountains?

I’m a great short distance runner, I couldnt’ dream of running a marathon, those people are crazy. Why would anyone push themselves to such extremes for a silly race. That was how I used to think about running a marathon. In fact that was how I felt about any huge undertaking or task.

I was so afraid of taking on anything that I couldn’t complete quick fast and in a hurry. Ok well maybe I wasn’t that rushed, but I didn’t really get committed to anything that would take a substantial amount of my time and energy. I wanted all of my gratification to be instant, like most of my food at that time, fast and instant.

Now I’m so clear that not only is fast food bad, but a fast life isnt’s all that great either. My grandfather would sometime say “If you live your life fast, you get to the finish line quicker.” There is a big difference in taking your time to undertake something in life that is bigger than you vs only excepting challenges that you know are going to be quick and or easy.

I spent all of my life running up hills, never know the joy nad satisfaction of climbing a mountain. When I would sprint up a hill, I would use a little time and energy and get a small reward of joy and satisfaction. I would then immediately set my sights on the next hill to sprint up and back down. A few of these hills were bigger than others, but none of them were real mountians.

Climbing a mountain requires a different set of skills and a different mind set than running up hills. Just the same, the reward and degree of satisfaction is my greater when one has climbed a mountain.

From atop of every hill I climbed I could see the mountains in the distant quietly displaying their God giving majesty and grace. Sometime’s the mountains were directly above my hill, casting a ever intimidating shadow, blocking my place in the sun.

From on top of a mountain I was able to see almost every hill I had ever climbed. On top of the mountain the air is a bit fresher and cooler. On top of the mountain it’s a lot less crowed, I have all the space I need to express myself. On top of the mountain I can take in more of whatever there is to take in and then share this with as many people as I can.

I’m now also qualified the show others how to climb mountains.

“Mike the Mountaineer’ Is my first mantra for 2012. I’m climbing mountains, whose coming with me?, like in Jerry Maguire.

4 thoughts on “Are You Running up Hills or Climbing Mountains?

  1. Your post falls in line with a lot of what I have been thinking about lately, as they often do. I’ve been thinking about 2012 and the word that is going to be my mantra for the new year…I’ve chosen UNSTOPPABLE to be my word of the year. I’m going for mountains too. Forget the hills.

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