Documentary challenge .jpgI don’t watch tv. I do watch movies and read books. For the past 5 years I have averaged more than 100 movies per year and about 2 books per year.

I want to changes those numbers in 2017. I will attempt to watch 100 documentaries this year and read four books. My official start day was the day before valentines day, feb 13th.

I normally watch actions and adventure movies. My next favorite set is sci fi , drama and thrillers. I stay away from love stories and horror flick, which are the same to me. I’m just joking.

Here is what I recently noticed. My life is filled with action, adventure and lots of drama. Coincidently I’m lacking in the area of love. Maybe I am influencing my reality by the movies I watch.

I wonder what my life would look like if I watched almost nothing except documentaries and love stories?

I’m challenging myself and I’m inviting you to take the challenge as well.

The challenge is to watch 100 Documentaries before Feb 15 of 2018. I will also committee to watching at least one sappy love movie every month.

I have created a facebook group called W1DW Challenge. Those who except my challenge , acknowledge it buy joining the group. After you watch a documentary post at least one sentence about what you got from the film and share it with at least 3 people.

Who excepts the challenge?