Love is free until the bills arrive.
I believe most people don’t realize how expensive their love is to others. In a perfect world we might give and receive love with no attachments, but we’re far from Utopia.

In this world, you have to pay for love, and sometimes you will pay dearly.
I have noticed that most of us place a greater value on the love we give than the love we receive. To put it another way we tend to focus on the cost of something, more than we focus on the benefits it would bring. It’s almost always the first question when we buy things, ” How much will it cost me?” For some it may be hard to that they think this way regards to relationships.

Everyone in a romantic relationship has some form of measurement or criteria by which they assess the value of love they give and the love they receive. Most couples never fully express what this criterion is, until it’s too late for their partner to meet it.

I’ve had many short-lived relationships that ended when the woman notified me, normally in an ultimatum, that she needs more from me because her feelings changed.

To me this felt like she was raising the price of her love. To be honest, I normally wanted more from my partner as my feeling grew, I just never requested it in the form of an ultimatum.

I realized that I had always placed conditions (price) on my love, while simultaneously desiring to receive unconditional love. I actually didn’t believe unconditional love didn’t exist, because I had never given it to anyone.

Another cost of loving someone is all the things you don’t like about him or her. That’s the cost of having the things you do like, sometimes it’s expensive.

Romantic love has upfront cost, hidden cost and fine print cost. The upfront costs are the things you know about form the beginning. The hidden cost are the things that you don’t know about form the start, but you expect them or you’re aware of the possibility of them. The hidden costs are the things you’re paying for that you don’t know your paying for. You can’t expect someone to pay the full cost of something if they don’t know the cost of it.

Once you place a value on something your experience of it changes. You began to see it based on the value you placed on it vs. on actually what it is.

The only way to truly love freely is to love with no expectations. To give all the love you got to give and be happy with whatever you get in return. That’s the highest form of love and few of us ever experience it for long periods of time.

Is your love free?
What do others have to pay in order to receive your love?
Have you ever love anyone unconditionally?
Do you know the cost of your love?

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