100% Responsibility, 100% of the Time

A few years back, I had a series of unpleasant events occur which made it very clear to me that I needed to be more responsible with my life. One of these events caused me to loose my freedom temporarily, and my desire to be free is my strongest desire in life.

To know that my freedom was threatened and that my lack of responsibility turned out to be the source of the threat, really was an eye opener for me.

My irresponsible attitude manifest in many different areas of my life, not all of them threaten my freedom, but it always leads to lower quality of life. Therefore this characteristic is counter productive my goals and purpose in life.

One of the main ways that I was being irresponsible was in my relationships with others. I had over the years developed a habit of allowing myself to be out of integrity just because someone else was out of integrity. 
This, “If you do wrong, then I can do wrong” attitude wasn’t turning out to be as effective as I thought.

Trying to teach someone what they are doing wrong by me doing the same thing is very juvenile and never really works. Plus I wouldn’t want it done to me.

My new approach is 100% responsibility 100% of the time.

How am I going to do this you might ask, with a lot of effort, patience and understanding? I will have to believe that no matter what happens to me in life, it’s all my fault, not the system, not my family, not some woman’s fault. There is no conspiracy against brothers name Mike.

None of those things can ever be true, they should never be spoken. Placing the responsibility of what happens to me on others, forfeits me an opportunity for growth. Plus I can change something I claim isn’t mine.

Where there’s great responsibility there’s great power.

Power and responsibility go hand in hand. When one goes down, the other goes down with it and vise versa.

Once again young world, I challenge you, as I often do myself, to approach life with the intention of 100% Responsibility. I’m sure we will see major improvements in our quality of life.


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